MOTEL WORKS is a project built on Kotaro Tanaka's life and is intended to pass on his passion and experience to the next BMX generation. We seek to propose a lifestyle - fashion lines, schools etc - that encircles the BMX.

MOTEL WORKS - Origin of the Brand

For riders traveling around the world to compete, motels are essential. But not essential just as a place to stay, its much more than that. It became a place to meet other riders, practice and fool around together, split up and depart for their next destination saying "See you at the motel!". Kotaro Tanaka has, in his way, deepened friendships with riders from all over the world, learned their language, and polished his techniques. A motel is a place where the communication takes place and is something you just can't leave out of a flatlander lifestyle. The reason why Kotaro decided to call it "MOTEL WORKS" instead of "MOTEL BIKE" is rather simple. He wanted to propose a complete lifestyle and not just the BMX through the MOTEL WORKS brand.


Kotaro Tanaka and his encounter with his first BMX was completely by accident. Back then, he was a high school student who just happened to be at a bicycle shop with the money he had saved up for a MTB since his last bicycle broke down. Among the many bicycles in the shop, a single BMX caught his eye. Forget about the MTB, he had to have that BMX and so he bought it impulsively. A total of JPY 66,000; no doubt it wasn't cheap. Shortly after that, he got bored of just riding around town in his BMX. He had to try out the tricks he saw on magazines and in videos. In a few months, his BMX started to get loose and ended up with another broken bicycle, although he had paid quite a lot for it. A dozen years later, Kotaro Tanaka is a world-leading professional flatlander, traveling around the globe with his BMX. He has enjoyed riding many BMX bicycles but that first one, is the one that will always have a special place in his heart. He wanted as many people as possible to see how exciting it is riding a BMX and so he decided to make a high quality BMX that will enable riders to enjoy the BMX for many years at a reasonable price. He wanted people to have a bicycle so precious that it would make you polish it like crazy each time you get a tiny piece of mud on it. Kotaro's experience and his passion for his beloved BMX has now taken shape; which is also a message to the next BMX generation.

Kotaro Tanaka MOTEL WORKS producer / BMX rider

As Japan's top BMX rider, Kotaro Tanaka has a long string of achievements in and out of the country. He has been on the front line for over 10 years as a BMX charisma. His entertaining riding style thrills spectators and has collaborated with artists and athletes on numerous stages. Still busy as a professional rider, he has produced the BMX brand and entry model "AUX" by MOTEL WORKS, fulfilling a dream he has long had. Through this project, he also fosters the next generation of BMX riders aggressively. His diverse talents include but are not limited to producing the apparel brand "fourthirty" and being a successful model and commentator. Winning third prize at the World Championships in Spain in 2009, flying domestically and internationally with his BMX, he is a wandering rider spreading seeds of appreciation for the sport he loves.

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